Setting the record straight on broadband

The numbers consistently tell a better picture about broadband internet in the USA, but some are reluctant to accept it.   It is fashionable for some media to join the “America is falling behind” chorus because it helps sell more newspapers.  In response to the recent negative op-ed in the LA Times, both Ev Ehrlich and Richard Bennett responded to set the record straight.

Economist Ev Ehrlich, who worked in the Clinton Administration, points out “The U.S. is one of two countries in the world that has three fully deployed broadband technologies (telephone, cable and LTE wireless). About 90% of Americans can choose from among a telephone, cable or multiple wireless providers.” Read his excellent report about broadband Shaping the Digital Age published by the Progressive Policy Institute.

Another must read report is  The Whole Picture: Where America’s Broadband Networks Really Stand. This report provides an in depth discussion of the leading studies of broadband and helps explain America’s improving position in broadband.  Author Richard Bennett, Information Technology and Innovation Forum fellow, holds patents on technologies that were incorporated into wifi and modern ethernet.