Majority of Americans say no regulation needed for net neutrality, vote shows

There has been a simmering debate about how and whether the principle of net neutrality (treating all Internet traffic the same) should be preserved.

Five commissioners at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are set to vote on sweeping Internet regulation today.  The FCC cites some 4 million comments submitted as part of the rulemaking process. The comments cover a range of topics and some suggest a roughly 50-50% break down in favor/opposed to regulation.

An actual vote of this topic was conducted by CostcoConnection magazine to their 20 million readers in the February 2015 issue. Statements in favor and against regulation were offered. Readers could vote once on SurveyMonkey. The results were published in the March 2015 issue.

54% of readers say no regulations are needed to preserve net neutrality, over 46% in favor of regulation.

Here is the outcome of the vote

Here are the arguments.

Roslyn Layton wrote the NO argument saying that regulation is no needed. The YES argument was written by Apek Mulay.