The Internet of Things: A Brave New World

Some time ago we passed the point in which machine users outnumber human users on the internet.  An internet characterized by machine users, whether it be cars, refrigerators or running shoes, has different needs and use cases than human beings.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will drive changes and evolutions which require flexibility, intelligent networks, and smart traffic management. It seems that IoT applications can be as different as people themselves and will need a range of requirements. While a subscription-based connected car service might run on a managed network, many applications, particularly sensors in home appliances, need much less than best efforts internet service to operate. If a signal from a coffee machine appears 10 seconds late, it matters little, but this is not the case for a heart monitor. Fortunately intelligent networks can manage these different tasks and everything in between—should net neutrality not get in the way.

I have discussed the topics in a series of articles in connection to the Federal Trade Commission’s hearing on the Internet of Things. You can read