Honored to Participate in FCC Roundtable on Mobile Broadband Today

I was a panelist on the FCC Roundtable on Mobile Broadband. See the proceeding here.

While the comment period regarding the Federal Communication Commission’s Open Internet Notice of Proposed Rule Making ended yesterday, the FCC continues to consider new rules in how to regulate the Internet. This is clearly evident in the Commission’s decision to hold multiple roundtables, including today’s roundtable on mobile broadband, where I’ll have the honor to participate today.

As I outlined in my comments to the FCC yesterday, I believe that the FCC must resist a drastic shift in regulatory policy. The most common arguments, including – 1) that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can and will degrade openness, 2) edge providers will suffer without heavy-handed regulations, 3) that there is a lack of competition, 4) that ISPs have a terminating access monopoly, and perhaps most importantly 5) that the Internet will not be safe without reclassification to Title II – are fundamentally false and driven by ideologues seeking nothing short of their narrow prescription for regulatory policy.

Forcing Title II onto the Internet as a solution to a problem that does not exist is dangerous and could have a potentially major impact on an sector that continues to thrive and drive the U.S. economy.

I encourage you to read my filing Roslyn Layton NN NPRM 15 Sep 2014 and welcome a robust discussion this important subject.