Bombshell: FCC Open Internet Rules are an “Economics Free Zone”, WSJ mention

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I was quoted yesterday in a Wall Street Journal article describing the revelations of former FCC Chief Economist Tim Brennan who called the FCC’s Open Internet rules an “economics free zone.”  It appears that the rules were based on ideology and no cost benefit analysis.  I was one of the commenters in the rulemaking process who criticized the lack of an economic approach. See my comments below.

Read Roslyn Layton’s FCC filing on #NetNeutrality

In any case, I am on track to publish further research testing the FCC’s assertion of a Virtuous Circle and that net neutrality rules are needed to support edge provider innovation and that rules increase investment in broadband infrastructure. My test of mobile networks shows that soft rules such as multi-stakeholder models and codes of conduct are better for edge providers, if one measures the emergence and diversity of edge providers on mobile networks. This research can be read in Chapter 13 of the Net Neutrality Compendium (Springer, 2016): Test of the FCC’s Virtuous Circle: Preliminary Results for Edge Provider Innovation and BIAS Provider Investment by Country with Hard Versus Soft Rules.